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Ten Steps to Implementing Green Facility Objectives:


  1. Reach an agreement
  2. Build the team
  3. Conduct baseline audits
  4. Development Plan
  5. Get everyone on board
  6. Acquire Green Products and Equipment
  7. Implement Green Procedures
  8. Implement Training in Green Cleaning
  9. Take responsibility through Stewardship
  10. Communicate and provide feedback

The GoodEarth Products, LLC facilities wellness cleaning protocol can contribute towards earning LEED points for certification.  We specifically address the implementation of procedures with Best of Breed products and equipment . The results achieved will accordingly benefit your company’s operations, creating a Virtuous Cycle of Benefits in the following ways:


  • Healthier Facility
  • Clean Safely
  • Reduce Waste
  • Conserve Water
  • Conserve Electricity

The final benefit to your company when achieving all of the above will be Greater Cost Efficiency.