What Hygiene Says About You

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People automatically have their pre-notion or judgment about you just by looking at your physical appearance. Just a mere five-second look at you and people can already come up with some theories about you or your lifestyle. Though they’re not entirely accurate, the way you look and how you smell will speak for you, whether you like what they exude or not. Thus, your personal hygiene would always say something about you.

Take hair, for example. As said, it is a person’s crowning glory. So if you go out with your hair all tangled and messy, it’s like you’re saying “Hey, I just got out of bed and I don’t care”.

Teeth are also a huge deal. People notice even the tiniest bit of flaw, say like a piece of lettuce lodged between your teeth from the salad you had for lunch. And unlike the Brits, Americans generally have this obsession about teeth. Hollywood influence maybe? Nevertheless, you don’t have to have exaggeratedly white and straight teeth. Just as long as they’re clean, then you’re okay.

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Your face is one of the first things that would be noticed by others, so if you go to an interview and not have any makeup on, or go to a formal party with all these facial hair, then you’re sending off this message that you’re too lazy, or too busy to even bother cleaning yourself up before leaving the house to face people.

Your hands and nails are also important. Imagine shaking hands with a person whose nails are so dirty, you can start planting seedlings on them. Or imagine shaking hands with someone whose hands have been everywhere – the toilet or even his nostrils – and didn’t wash. Yuck. This is the very reason why faucets, soaps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers or paper towels are placed in toilets. They are available for you to wash up after doing your business. Some businesses even resort to touchless technology to prevent disease transfer or cross contamination. So after peeing, pooping, or picking your nose, have the courtesy and decency to wash up.

Bad breath and body odor are a major turn off. It doesn’t matter if you look like a pageant winner. The fact that you smell awful won’t win you any vote. Do you think you’d bother talking to a person who smells like a rotting onion? Or one whose breath stinks so bad, you’d be tempted to offer him a gum? One person’s body chemistry is different from another. Some people sweat so bad, while others have digestive problems that make their break stink. Nevertheless, stinky body parts need to be addressed. If you sweat too much, then get a stronger deodorant and anti-perspirant. If you sweat uncontrollably, go to a dermatologist and have your hyperactive sweat glands examined. If you brush your teeth and gargle often with mouthwash and your breath still stinks, consult your doctor to know what causes the bad breath.

Personal hygiene not only determines your overall health and well-being. It also gives people an idea about you. How you take care of yourself somehow emanates how you deal with life.

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