Top 5 Most Hated Pests

April 6, 2011 · Posted in Infectious Control Systems · 37 Comments 

Let’s admit it. We hate pests. Some of us, even the manliest man, shriek at the mere sight of a cockroach. Some even contact exterminators, armed with weird-looking thingamajigs. We don’t care how pests are killed, but we simply want them out of our house. Although biologists and critter enthusiasts contend that everything in this world has a purpose to maintain the balance of nature, we just can’t help but loathe pests. Among the top 5 most hated pests by humans are:

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What Makes a Good Bed and Breakfast?

Condo Bedroom

Bed and breakfasts are becoming popular choices among travelers today. For some people, they’re better alternatives to hotels. At a B&B, people are entitled to a more personal service. And the fact that B&Bs are usually homes converted into businesses, one can expect a cozy place. Bookings are also quite easy, as the internet has allowed online reservations, though some guests still prefer calling to check if the staff members are accommodating and friendly.

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Ergonomics and Health: How Important Is Ergonomics in Cleaning?

December 7, 2010 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems · 34 Comments 

Caution: you will injure yourself hailing a taxi

Statistics show that cleaning is the fifth leading cause of injury in the United States. This is caused by constant strenuous activities done by the cleaning crew. They work in awkward positions and do repetitive tiring tasks which cause back, shoulder, neck, and wrist pains.

This is where ergonomics come into play. Already a catchphrase in the industry, “ergonomics” means “the science of designing workplace tool / environment fit to the user. It is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability”.

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