Bringing Out Your Child’s Creativity

May 23, 2011 · Posted in Touchless Hygiene Systems · 41 Comments 

Free Toddler Boy Using Green Crayon to Color Creative CommonsEvery child has creativity that’s just waiting to be uncovered. Children as young as infants can already show hints of creativity in them. Their creativity is further honed up until they reach their older school-age years.

At infant stage, children already respond to sound, movement, and color. As toddlers, they begin flexing their muscles. This is the best time to give them things like crayons, drawing papers, clay, and other art materials.

When they reach their preschool years, children become these bundles of energy, saying and asking a lot. They talk, play, and run around a lot. This is when they learn how to perform, dancing and singing to gain attention. And even when they’re trying to flip through the pages of their favorite books, despite not being able to read yet, they’re just as creative.

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