Living with Pets the Healthy Way

March 30, 2011 · Posted in Infectious Control Systems · 46 Comments 

Sleeping in

About 70% of US households houses a pet – 39% own at least a dog, and 33% own a cat. Studies reveal that families who own or live with pets are happier than those who don’t. These facts only show how we love and value our canine and feline companions. However, living with Fifi or Max also means being susceptible to zoonosis, or disease transferred from animals to humans.  And with 22 million Americans having asthma, it’s important to keep our homes safe, not only for our pets’ sake, but ours as well.

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How to Keep Your Cell Phone Safe Both Inside and Out

March 8, 2011 · Posted in Infectious Control Systems · 53 Comments 

Blackberry Texting

Today, cell phone has become one of the most widely used personal communication device. And let’s face it – it’s hard to leave the house without it. We can get in touch with our “peeps” right away, listen to music, watch movies, capture photos or videos, exchange data, browse the internet, access e-mails, or even play games. Cell phones are convenient, pocket-sized PCs and entertainment media of sorts.

With our growing dependence on cell phones for communication and entertainment, we sometimes forget keeping them clean and safe both inside and out (hardware and software).

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