Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Clean Up

It’s April and summer is just around the corner. But before thinking of the best place for a summer getaway, it’s time to get one thing out of the way – spring cleaning. Like you, a lot of people sigh at thought of this “general cleaning day”. Yes, we do house cleaning every now and then the whole year round, but spring cleaning is one fine day when we get to rid of all the house clutter, rearrange stuff, and probably throw a garage sale or donate some things. With all the stuff that needs to be done, where to begin? What tips will make spring cleaning a breeze?

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Quality Control in the Manufacturing Industry

March 15, 2011 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems · 3 Comments 

can manufacturingWe’ve previously tackled quality control in the restaurant and food industries (See Quality Control in Restaurants, and Quality Control in the Food Industry). In this entry, we’re focusing on quality control in the manufacturing industry.

Most manufacturing companies distribute handbooks solely focused on the topic of cleanliness. Some conduct seminars and trainings on proper housekeeping. Some also adopt and implement the use of precision cleaning. Discussions and instructions on cleaning are outlined. The importance of cleanliness is constantly stressed. Different methods of discerning cleanliness levels are discussed, as well as selecting cleaning methods, testing and analyzing cleaning methods, interpreting data, and regulatory considerations. All of these are done to ensure that a certain level of cleanliness is achieved for their manufactured products to pass quality control. A good example would be microchip production.

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The Beauty of Color-Coding

March 4, 2011 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems · Comment 


For a more organized life, we resort to various sorting or identifying means. One of which is the color-coding method. Whatever we do and wherever we go, color-coding seems to be present. At an intersection, we stop at the sight of red light, and hit the gas once the light turns green. During birth announcements, blue tells us it’s a boy, and pink tells us it’s a girl. When making coffee, red tells us that the water is still being boiled, and green means it’s ready.

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Dirty Mop and Mop Water – What’s In Them and What to Do with Them?

December 30, 2010 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems, Infectious Control Systems · 31 Comments 


Thorough cleaning means sweeping and mopping the floor. However, repeated washing of mops to cover an entire area can lead to dirty mop water. Mop water is extremely filthy. It can immediately be filled with bacteria and contaminants that come from the floor transferred onto the mop. Mold and mildew can also thrive in mops. Moisture serves as a good breeding ground for mold. This is why mops that are not properly washed and dried have this musty smell.

Dirty mop water, when not handled and thrown properly, can lead to cross contamination and disease contraction. Thus, it is important to know how and where to use them, and how to properly dispose of them.

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A Cleaner’s Occupational Health

December 15, 2010 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems · 39 Comments 

How to clean a moving walkway.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 to protect the health and safety of workers. Along with its creation was the production of the General Duty Clause which instructs employers to create a work environment that’s free from hazards which can cause harm, or even death, to employees. Employers are required to comply with occupational safety and health standards, including those in housekeeping or cleaning. Some of the specified cleaners’ occupational health and safety standards are: electrical safety, chemical safety, hearing conservation, back safety, and ergonomics.

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