Cleaning the Kids’ Room the Fun Way

April 27, 2011 · Posted in Infectious Control Systems · 39 Comments 


Cleaning the kids’ room can sometimes prove to be a challenge, especially when you want them to clean their rooms on their own. But instead of pestering your children every day with your constant whining and imposing, why not teach them instead? You cannot expect your kids to do something that they don’t see you do, right? It’s called “walking the talk” or “leading by example”. And instead of imposing on them, make cleaning fun. Here are a few tips on how to clean the kids’ room the fun way:

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Top 5 Most Hated Pests

April 6, 2011 · Posted in Infectious Control Systems · 37 Comments 

Let’s admit it. We hate pests. Some of us, even the manliest man, shriek at the mere sight of a cockroach. Some even contact exterminators, armed with weird-looking thingamajigs. We don’t care how pests are killed, but we simply want them out of our house. Although biologists and critter enthusiasts contend that everything in this world has a purpose to maintain the balance of nature, we just can’t help but loathe pests. Among the top 5 most hated pests by humans are:

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First Impressions Last: What Customers Look For in a Retail Shop

March 24, 2011 · Posted in Infectious Control Systems · 26 Comments 

Union Square, San Francisco

In retail stores, image is everything. From the moment a signage is put up, shoppers already have their pre-notions. These pre-notions are going to be either confirmed or not, once they step foot inside the store. The moment a customer enters the shop, the goal is to land a purchase. But it doesn’t end at just the sale. Retailers need repeat customers – those who will come back to shop and make several more purchases. Gaining referrals from that particular customer would only be a bonus.

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What Makes a Good Bed and Breakfast?

Condo Bedroom

Bed and breakfasts are becoming popular choices among travelers today. For some people, they’re better alternatives to hotels. At a B&B, people are entitled to a more personal service. And the fact that B&Bs are usually homes converted into businesses, one can expect a cozy place. Bookings are also quite easy, as the internet has allowed online reservations, though some guests still prefer calling to check if the staff members are accommodating and friendly.

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Put Up Your Own Cleaning Business

March 7, 2011 · Posted in Sustainability Solutions · Comment 


Planning on quitting your day job to put up your own cleaning business? If you are, then make sure you’re fully ready. Be a hundred percent into it – physically, mentally, and financially.

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Car Wash vs. Hand Wash

February 17, 2011 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems · 52 Comments 

[9/365 | 09.01.2011] Cash War

Car owners know that if their busy schedules don’t permit them to wash their cars, automatic car wash centers are the quick and convenient solutions. It just takes about 5-10 minutes to have a vehicle cleaned through a car wash. Aside from speed and convenience, automatic car wash offers less scratching on the car’s finish compared to improper hand washing. Touchless car washes also offer very low chances of damaging vehicle exterior, unlike manual hand wash.

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What People Look for in a Cleaning Service

Nowadays, an average adult has to juggle several balls in the air – family, social life, work or studies, and household tasks. Sometimes, though, a hectic schedule means putting cleaning aside. Studies reveal that an average American spends just about 1.8 hours of the whole day doing household activities. This means that several household chores are crammed in less than 2 hours, which gets a lot of things overlooked. Because of this, a lot of Americans acquire cleaning services to do the job for them. With the growing number households seeking services of professional cleaners, what exactly do people look for in a cleaning company? Read more

Cleaning College Dorm Rooms 101

February 3, 2011 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems, Infectious Control Systems · 39 Comments 


Dorm rooms have become many college students’ home away from home. It’s where they ready, study, eat, sleep, drink, hang out, and yes, party even. With so many activities college students spend in their dorm rooms, it must be a challenge to spare a few minutes in tidying up the place. There are, however, quick ways on how to clean a college dorm room in just about 15 minutes.

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Dirty Mop and Mop Water – What’s In Them and What to Do with Them?

December 30, 2010 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems, Infectious Control Systems · 31 Comments 


Thorough cleaning means sweeping and mopping the floor. However, repeated washing of mops to cover an entire area can lead to dirty mop water. Mop water is extremely filthy. It can immediately be filled with bacteria and contaminants that come from the floor transferred onto the mop. Mold and mildew can also thrive in mops. Moisture serves as a good breeding ground for mold. This is why mops that are not properly washed and dried have this musty smell.

Dirty mop water, when not handled and thrown properly, can lead to cross contamination and disease contraction. Thus, it is important to know how and where to use them, and how to properly dispose of them.

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Preventing Cross Contamination When Cleaning

December 28, 2010 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems · 57 Comments 

Cross contamination has been an issue in many industries, especially in food and health care. Cross contamination happens when bacteria is transferred from one surface to another, and usually occurs on food or people. Once this happens, illness and food poisoning would soon follow. One major contributor to this is inappropriate hygiene or the lack of it, and incorrect cleaning practices. Both seem to have easy solutions as they’re both easy to teach, but the hard part comes when conscious effort lacks.

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