How to Choose a Spa

May 26, 2011 · Posted in Touchless Hygiene Systems 

Spa Utopia VancouverGoing to the spa for some treatment is not only relaxing, but rejuvenating as well. Spa treatments invigorate the mind and body. If you’re planning on treating yourself to a day or a week in spa, it is important to choose one that would best suit your needs and wants.

Consider five important things when choosing a spa – price, destination, treatments, staff, and facilities.

Price. Decide on a budget, and then choose a spa that suits it. You won’t feel relaxed after a treatment if you realize that you’ve overspent or exceeded your budget. Spas should also offer services with fair pricing. Remember that when asking for prices, ask the spa attendant to include taxes in the quote.

Destination. Choose where you want to stay. There are a lot of spas in the United States that offer the best body treatments. However, if you really want a total change in scenery, then consider going to fabulous spa resorts around the globe. If you want great sight-seeing destinations other than just spa, then go to the Caribbean, Dubai, Europe, or Greece. If you really want the best spas in the world, then go to countries in Southeast Asia, like Thailand and the Philippines.

Treatments. Decide on what spa treatment you really need. Don’t get a spa treatment that you yourself can do at home. Do some researching. And if you’re heading to a spa in a resort or hotel, book early. You don’t want spending a fortune on gas or plane tickets only to find out that everything’s booked and would need to come back on a different day.

Zen SPA treatments

Staff. First impressions last. If you make a phone call to get some information and all you get is snobbery, then hang up. Look for another one. If they can’t even manage to answer a simple phone call, what more when you’re personally there? Consider the staff’s courtesy, efficiency, and competence.

Facilities. This is a given. Since you’re going to a spa to relax, make sure that their facilities are clean. The spa you choose should give priority to cleanliness and hygiene. A spa is a place where touch or body contact is a must. Hands must therefore be always clean. Check their bathrooms as well. A spa that invests in touchless hygiene systems is serious about cleanliness. Presence of automatic hand dryers and touchless dispensers are definitely added points.

Choosing the best spa could help you achieve some much needed relaxation. Just follow these simple tips and you’d be having a spa treatment that’s worth reminiscing.

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