Ergonomics and Health: How Important Is Ergonomics in Cleaning?

December 7, 2010 · Posted in Deep Cleaning Systems 

Caution: you will injure yourself hailing a taxi

Statistics show that cleaning is the fifth leading cause of injury in the United States. This is caused by constant strenuous activities done by the cleaning crew. They work in awkward positions and do repetitive tiring tasks which cause back, shoulder, neck, and wrist pains.

This is where ergonomics come into play. Already a catchphrase in the industry, “ergonomics” means “the science of designing workplace tool / environment fit to the user. It is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability”.

Milwaukee Art MuseumErgonomics not only promotes health, but productivity as well. If a tool fits the worker, then the risks of pain and injury is reduced, allowing the worker to be more productive and efficient. Finding ergonomic products and equipment would prove to be a challenge, but becomes easier if some tips are remembered and practiced.

• Choose lightweight tools and equipment to prevent arm and back strains.

• Handles should conform to user’s hands and must be comfortable to grip. Textured grips are better to avoid slippage.

• Choose micro-fibered mops over string ones for easy handling.

• Large-wheeled equipment is better since they produce less vibration which can affect wrists and arms.

• Choose quieter machines. Noise can cause fatigue and decrease productivity.

• Choose organic cleaning products. Commercial cleaning products can cause health and environmental risks.

• Educate cleaners about precautionary measures, proper tool and equipment usage, and correct cleaning attire, footwear, and gear.

It is also better to tie up with a supplier that does and has it all – ergonomics, sustainability, and high performance results. GoodEarth Products, LLC is a leading sustainability solutions provider that can customize solutions according to your business’s needs. GEP offers comprehensive Deep Cleaning Systems that are not only efficient and ergonomic, but can also generate outstanding cleaning results while reducing costs, water, and chemical consumption. GEP’s Deep Cleaning Systems include Touchless Cleaning System, Ionator EXP, MicroKleen Hygiene System, and Miele MopGiant.

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