Battle: High Tech Hand Dryers

May 11, 2011 · Posted in Touchless Hygiene Systems 

Battle High Hand Dryers

There are a lot of hand dryers out these days. Germaphobes can be cheap at times and prefer just the good old paper towels in touchless dispensers, but for business owners who want to intensify their sustainability and eco-friendly efforts, hand dryers are the wiser option.

When it comes to the battle of the high tech hand dryers, two contenders are outplaying all the others. One is Dyson Airblade, an energy-efficient hand dryer that can dry hands in 6-12 seconds by creating a “curtain of air travelling at 400 mph (643.72 kph) to remove moisture”.

The other one is the Veltia Hand Dryer, an energy-saving innovative hand dryer that removes water from hands in 10-15 seconds. Like the Dyson Airblade, the Veltia also avoids the use of heat-generating elements and uses a high-speed jet stream that forces air up to 124.28 mph (200 kph).

Both hand dryers require hands to be inserted into the unit to start the drying process. Both use cold and not heated or dry air which can cause bacteria to spread and multiply more quickly. Both units are also stylish, just like the dryers used in Japan.

Although the Dyson Airblade can dry hands faster (6-12 seconds) than the Veltia (10-15 seconds), both are very well-designed sustainability tools that can turn any paper towel fan into a high tech hand dryer admirer. Both dryers allow businesses to lessen their operational expenses. Restaurants and hotels alike can bid goodbye to the purchase and maintenance of paper towel stocks. Cleaning companies can also say goodbye to the constant refilling of towel dispensers. Piles of garbage are also reduced due to the absence of discarded or used paper towels, significantly cutting the cleaning time in half.

The big difference between the Dyson Airblade and the Veltia Hand Dryer lies in the price. One can purchase the Dyson Airblade for $1,400, while the Veltia can be bought for only $1,079. That’s almost $400 difference. Nevertheless, the Dyson Airblade and the Veltia Hand Dryer are two of the leading contenders in the battle of high tech hand dryers. Whatever a buyer’s choice may be, in the end, it’s the user and nature that benefit the most.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mah_japan

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