A Mother’s Touch

May 18, 2011 · Posted in Touchless Hygiene Systems 

My Bride and BeanA mother’s touch is one of the most precious things that money can’t buy. A child may be given the priciest of all the baby formulas, be dressed in the most expensive of clothes, and be wrapped in pricey designer blankets, but without a mother’s caress and affection, a child can still feel neglected, thereby increasing psychological and physical stress.

There’s something about a mother’s touch that even science can’t comprehend. Take Kate Ogg’s story for example. Kate Ogg witnessed firsthand how her maternal touch can do wonders. Kate gave birth to premature twins, only 27 weeks old. One of the twins, Emily, survived. But Jamie was pronounced dead by the doctors after 20 minutes of resuscitation. In an effort to meet her son, Kate had her son placed across her bare chest. Halfway through saying her farewells, Kate and her husband David noticed that Jamie began making short movements. The couple observed, and Jamie’s movements increased. The doctor was skeptic at first, still believing that the baby was dead. But after a while, Jamie opened his eyes. Using a stethoscope, the doctor listened to the baby’s heart, and finally, shook his head in disbelief. The baby was indeed alive. This is called the “kangaroo care”, a practice done by many mothers all over the world. The warmth from the mother’s skin and the beat from the mother’s heart help stimulate the baby.

The miracle of a mother’s touch and affection is further proven when a recent study showed how maternal stimuli can improve a child’s cognitive function and stress resilience. A child feels secure, comforted, and loved through a mother’s touch. However, neuroscientist and neurologist Dr. Tallie Baram from UCI discovered that a mother’s caress and other sensory stimuli can trigger activity in a baby’s developing brain, which can help improve the baby’s cognitive function and build the child’s resilience to stress.

Love, comfort, security and reassurance – these are just some of the miracles that a mother’s touch can bring. Mothers must therefore spend more time with their children. A kiss and a hug is all it takes. And when mothers do spend quality time with their kids, their hands should be clean and free from microbes. Frequent hand washing is very much important. To avoid cross contamination, mothers can take advantage of the benefits of touchless dispensers and touchless, automatic hand dryers. Every mom wants the best for their children, so it’s only fitting to have safe, touchless, hygienic fixtures at home.

Creative Commons License photo credit: chrisamichaels

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