Internationally patented restroom door handle, allows people to avoid germs on the restroom door handle.

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SanitGrasp (each)
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People hate germs and bacteria. Well, who doesn’t? And we know restrooms are one of their favorite hang outs. Through different fixtures such as door handles, it can easily spread infections. So make sure to keep them away with SanitGrasp, the internationally patented hygienic door handle that allows a person to avoid germs in a public restroom. It is the very first to offer a safety service like this, making it the only hygienic door handle!


SanitGrasp door handle has the SANIGUARD antimicrobial product protection - the feature that allows it to promote a cleaner lifestyle and environment. In a building with high traffic areas, restrooms are usually crowded and people more likely develop communicable diseases such as the common cold. SanitGrasp door handle is especially designed with the various pandemics in mind, and has become a high priority for establishments who want an increase in health facilities for the benefit of both customers and employers.


The J-shaped door pull handle is made of stainless steel that assures durability. SaniGrasp restroom door handle allows thick clothing or large hands to slip through, and guarantees no pinch points, the hands cannot get caught with the handle or door. The handle is attached to the plate with a rear plug weld, which means that the entire handle is connected directly to the door so no worries for a handle malfunction. The round top serves as a guide, securing a tight grip that is needed for a restroom door handle that has a higher frequency of contact than any part of the establishment.


We all know that diseases can spread like a wild fire. The culprit may be lurking somewhere out there in the unseen, so make sure that you are geared with the best facilities practices to protect the health of everyone, and remember that urban areas are still a part of our environment. SanitGrasp door handle is an edge in the battle, and a purchase is a sure win!


80% of infectious illnesses are transmitted by touch

30% of people do not wash hands in restrooms

66% of people do not use soap

84% of people do not was long enough to kill germs


100% Do use the Door Handle to exit………….. SanitGrasp is the best of breed Solution!

Retrofitting or remodeling a public restroom with the SanitGrasp® door pull handle is a simple task, and a quick easy way to improve the customer/employee experience.  Avoiding germs on the door handle is a growing concern due to the H1N1 "swine" flu, e coli and other infectious diseases since many people choose to not wash their hands in a public restroom.

  • 4” x 16” plate is the same size or larger than most traditional door pull handles
  • SanitGrasp® screw and bolt holes line up with most traditional pull handle holes
  • Larger screws are used, the old screw holes become pilot holes

List Price $124.99

Top Section of SanitGrasp®

  1. Engraved Instructions
  2. Wide angled opening
    • Allows for an easy hand withdrawl
    • Allows for thick clothing and/or large hands
  3. Round top serves as a guide


SanitGrasp® Material

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. SANIGUARD antimicrobial product protection


Screw holes

  1. All holes are one size larger than the traditional door pull handle
  2. Old holes serve as pilot holes for the SanitGrasp® screws


The Handle

  1. The handle is attached to the plate with a rear plug weld
  2. The entire unit is attached to the door with


Flat head screws

  1. Thru bolt providing extra

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