SANYO Air Washer Plus

99% reduction of airborne contaminants - safely purifies air and suppresses germs. Safely and effectively purifies over 20,000 cu.ft. per hour of indoor air. 

SANYO Air Washer Plus

Economic and Environmental Benefits

  • Protects Your Loved Ones from Polluted Air.
  • 99% Reduction of Airborne Contaminants
  • Safely Purifies Air and Suppresses Germs
  • Electrolyzed Water Technology Transforms Ordinary Tap Water to Safely Remove up to 99% of Germs, Bacteria, and VOC's (volatile organic compounds) Without Generating any Harmful Ozone.
SANYO Air Washer Plus (each)
Sanyo Mobile Cart (each)

Germs are everywhere. They are within our reach, and even in the air we breathe. Because of this, they are able to spread and infect people faster. Having no physical contact, however, is a disadvantage. They might be right under our noses anytime of the day. Make sure to include in your facilities our new SANYO Air Washer Plus, the most effective air purifier that protects your people from pollutants by reducing airborne contamination! 


SANYO Air Washer has the Electrolyzed Water Technology- a feature that transforms tap water to remove up to 99.9% of germs in the air. The air washer system can operate for as long as 12 hours on one full tank of water. Sanyo air washer has an all around air-cleaning purpose that removes bacteria, dust particles, allergens, odors, smoke, molds and VOC’s. Not only can it clean the air, it also brings along higher productivity since sick days are being reduced.


Unlike other conventional air purifiers, SANYO Air Washer does not use harmful chemicals during purification process. What’s more important is that it does not release any harmful ozone upon operation, which makes it environmentally responsible as well. The Electrolyzed water technology SANYO is using has been around the industry for years and verified by third party testing facilities. Credibility-wise, Air Washer Plus guarantees.


Now that diseases have already become rampant, it is important for us to take extra measures. Every minute, infection occurs. Being responsible to everyone’s health is at its best when you are being responsible to our environment as well. Eliminate all the possible means and inhale a cleaner air through the aid of our SANYO Air Washer Plus!


Good for the Air. Good for your Environment.

No harmful chemicals used during the purification process. In addition, the SANYO Air Washer Pro does not release any harmful ozone into the environment.


Dimensions  Height: 31" Width: 22" Depth: 12"
Weight (lbs.)During Operation: 72 when fresh and saltwater tanks full: 92
Power Source  Single phase 100V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (W)  High: 118 Normal: 57 Quiet: 46
Current (A)  High: 1.80 Normal: .867 Quiet: .69
Rated Airflow (cu.ft./min.)  High: 353 Normal:176 Quiet: 71
Continuous Operation Time (hrs.) ****  Summer: 12* Winter: 10** (Normal Airflow)
Operating Noise (dB)*** High: 49 Normal: 35 Quiet: 29 
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