Touchless Dispenser with Stand

Foaming Hand Sanitizer and Foaming Hand Soap for controlled dispensing.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

  • Controlled Dispensing
  • Lowers Cost and Waste
  • Estimated 2700Hand Washes per Refill
Touchless Dispenser with Stand (each)

Spray Soap Systems by Technical Concepts are the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Ideal for high traffic locations, Spray Soap uses a revolutionary metered spray delivery to maximize skin coverage. Users receive a thorough hand wash while facilities enjoy up to a 60 percent savings in soap consumption.

Spray soap dispenses a 0.2ml dose vs. the 0.7-1.5ml per dose of conventional systems. Available in two sizes, the 400ml refills last for up to 2,000 hand washes and the 800ml refill up to 4,000 hand washes. And, TC Spray Soap is kind to the environment by reducing packaging and releasing 60 percent less chemicals into water systems.


  • Best Cost-in-Use
  • Rich Hand Wash Experience
  • Environmentally Superior System
  • Improved Hygiene


TC Spray Skin Care systems are the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Customers enjoy a rich, thorough hand wash while facilities receive up to 4,000 hand washes per refill – nearly 8x’s more than traditional liquid soaps! TC Spray Soap is a smart environmental choice, offering up to 80% reduced packaging waste and as much as 60% fewer chemicals into the water system.


Best Cost-In-Use

More hand washes with fewer refills reduces labor and costs. Highly controlled dispensing of concentrated soap eliminates over use and waste – the number one problem with soap systems. Specially metered pump delivers a 0.2 ml versus the 0.7-1.5 ml dose of conventional systems. The 400 ml systems yield up to 2,000 hand washes in a convenient compact dispenser. For higher usage areas, TC offers an 800 ml system which delivers up to 4,000 hand washes. A new pump with every refill eliminates mess, clogs and leaks, further reducing costs.


Rich Hand Wash Experience

Revolutionary spray delivery provides thorough coverage of the skin for a quick, convenient hand wash. Highly concentrated soaps lather well and contain skin conditioning ingredients to soothe the skin for a refreshing hand wash.


Environmentally Superior System

The 400 ml box-less refills and controlled spray delivery reduces packaging waste up to 80% over traditional packing and reduces soap over use, releasing up to 60% less chemicals into the water system. Specially formulated spray soap meets environmental requirements(1) and is biodegradeable.


Improved Hygiene

The antimicrobial Push Bar utilizes a revolutionary technology to reduce the potential for cross-contamination. Disposable refills with TC’s Hygienic Seal™ keeps soap fresh and clean, providing a more sanitary system. A recent study(2) revealed that 25% un-sealed bulk soap systems were contaminated with potentially harmful bacterial. TC foam is delivered fresh and clean to encourage healthy hand washing.

TC Spray Dispenser Features:


  • Antimicrobial Technology in Push Bar reduces Cross-Contamination
  • Refill Level Viewing Window
  • Small Footprint Delivers Up to 4000 Hand Washes
  • Easy Tape or Screw Mounting

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