GEP Touchless Cleaning System

High Impact Cleaning System for restroom and public areas that reduces water usage and chemical consumption and contributes to increased worker productivity.

GEP Touchless Cleaning System

Economic and Environmental Benefits

  • High Impact Cleaning System for Restroom and Public Areas
  • Reduction in Water Usage
  • Reduction in Chemical Consumption
  • Worker Safety and Preference
  • Increased Productivity - More Efficient, More Sanitary and More Ergonomic
GEP Touchless Cleaning System (each)
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Optional Product: GEP Tool Kit



Cut your washroom cleaning time by half and still produce great results without compromising your health with our GEP Touchless Cleaning System! The GEP Touchless Cleaning System is a cleaning machine that uses touchless technology – an industrial feat that paved the way for fast, easy, and risk-free cleaning machines. Touchless Cleaning System not only increases your productivity, but reduces water and chemical consumption as well.


The GEP Touchless Cleaning System is a self-contained, battery-powered and portable cleaning machine. It comes in a compact size for better use even in tight spaces. It is also equipped with a 12-gallon water tank which means you won’t have to fetch water from a source every time you’re about to use it. Its battery-powered feature means no electrical cords; no electrical cords mean added mobility and you can take it anywhere needed. The large back wheel design makes it easy for you to bring it over to the desired spot. This reduces back strains and water spillage unlike when using mop buckets. Lockable front casters firmly secure the unit when cleaning. The 15 ft discharge hose provides a wider and longer cleaning range. Hose hanger is also present for easy and safe hose storage when not in use. 


This cleaning machine uses low-flow / low-pressure technology through its spray nozzle. This provides low-pressure sanitizing and cleaning. Water and cleaning products or chemicals are sprayed at pressure less than 100 psi. This means that grouts and fixtures in your facility or office are protected from water damage. Touchless Cleaning System also removes the risk of contaminated and bacteria-filled water being sprayed back to you, eliminating the risk of contracting bacteria-caused diseases. Washroom cleaning has never been this easy and safe.


You know very well that washroom cleaning goes beyond your energy, time, and resources. So do it the fast and easy way without the harmful health and environmental effects! Be clean and green! 


Stop using the old mop bucket method of cleaning and Get the GEP Touchless Cleaning System today!


The GEP TCS is a battery-powered, selfcontained cleaning system designed for portable cleaning applications such as public restrooms, shopping carts, display cases and locker rooms. The touch-free GEP TCS provides low-pressure cleaning and sanitizing, as well as clean water rinsing, through a spray nozzle using low-flow/low-pressure technology.

Low-Pressure Benefits

The cleaning chemicals are applied by spray nozzle at pressures less than 100 psi:

  • Protecting fixtures and grout from water damage
  • Reducing the risk of spray-back of bacteria-contaminated water
  • Optimizing solution usage


The simplicity of the GEP TCS reduces ongoing maintenance requirements. It was designed with the user in mind, offering:

  • A compact size that can be used even in small areas
  • Battery-powered operation
  • Spraying and rinsing spray patterns
  • 12-gallon fresh water tank
  • Extended cleaning range with 15 ft. of discharge hose
  • A hose hanger, providing safety when not in use
  • Large back wheels
  • Lockable casters on front
  • Chemical holders for two round or F-style 1-gallon containers
  • Option to dispense up to four chemicals
  • Storage holders with mop clips on side; storage area on top of cart
King Leo | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I really love this product! Thanks Good Earth!
Diane Rivers | 5 out of 5 Stars!

This product works really well, I'll encourage everyone to go get one too! :D
Brian D'locker | 5 out of 5 Stars!

I have never bought a product as good as this one. Thanks goodearth for bringing this wonderful product to the world. happy thoughts!
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