Blast Hand Dryer

Best of Breed environmental hand dryers - high velocity hand dry.  Delivers 95% cost savings.  10-second hand dry. Available in 3 colors.

Blast Hand Dryer

Economic and Environmental Benefits

  • Supports the "Triple Bottom Line" for Your Company - sustainability, cost reduction and image improvement
  • Annual Cost Savings of 94% by Reducing or Eliminating Paper Towel Purchases
  • Image Improvement as a Green Enterprise
Blast Hand Dryer (each)
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Things that come in smaller packages are a good deal. Blast Hand Dryer promotes a smaller footprint but guarantees a high-speed hand dryer like no other. It is equipped with unsurpassed drying technology that completely dries hands for just 10 seconds — an edge that would truly save you time and energy!


The Blast Hand Dryer is a high velocity, high output drying machine. It blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture faster than the usual automatic hand dryers. Blast Hand Dryer operates in “universal voltage”, which means an auto-sensing circuit system adjusts to the needed volts and, therefore, eliminates excessive energy consumption. Blast Hand Dryer is perfect to replace all old style restroom hand dryers. 


The Blast Hand Dryer is designed with a cast iron cover. Its ¼-inch thick cover with porcelain enamel finish makes it virtually indestructible. High-quality mechanism is housed in its small unit. The housing is made of compact and modern design, truly an elegant housing for restroom hand dryers. Its solid state infra-red sensor is environmentally sealed, which assures secure and safe service. Locking covers have tamper-proof screws so no worries for an unexpected breakdown. It comes in stylish white, black, and gray. Blast Hand Dryer is warranted for 10 years, the best warranty in the business.


Nothing comes as friendly as these in terms of an eco-friendly dryer.  Our Blast Hand Dryers are the best of breed in the market. Make sure that you are doing your part to protect our environment. Buy your Blast Hand Dryers today! 



Best of Breed environmental hand dryers - high velocity hand dry. Delivers 95% cost savings. Ten-second hand dry. Available in 3 colors. A combination of unsurpassed drying speed, “universal voltage” and a compact, modern design make the new Comac Blast the best choice amongst high speed, high output dryers.


Operating Features:

  • Unsurpassed drying speed - Blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture with ultra-high velocity warm air. Dries completely in 10 seconds
  • Universal voltage - Auto-sensing circuit instantly adjusts to 115, 208 or 230 volts
  • Cast iron cover - ¼-inch thick cast iron with porcelain enamel finish for the ultimate in durability
  • Compact, modern design - Elegant housing; the smallest high-velocity hand dryer on the market
  • Environmentally friendly - Uses 1/6 the energy of conventional hand dryers and costs 25 times less than paper towels to operate
  • Long lasting - Virtually indestructible cover and high quality mechanism warranted for 10 years
  • High powered - will dry your hands in 10 seconds
  • Cast iron cover - virtually indestructible
  • Universal voltage from 115V - 230V (auto sensing circuitry) - only one model to stock
  • Green - costs 25 X’s less than paper towel to operate
  • Green - uses 1/6th the energy of conventional dryers
  • 10 year warranty - the best warranty in the business
  • Smaller footprint than most high speed dryers



Voltage: Universal - 115/208/230VAC 50/60Hz
Wattage: 1450 watts
Amps: 12.6 @ 115VAC, 6.3A @ 230VAC
Motor: 20,000 RPM high-output universal
Air velocity: 16,000 linear feet per minute
Sensor: Solid state infra-red, environmentally sealed
Circuit breaker: Bi-metallic temp. limiting, auto-resetting
Net weight: 24 lbs / 11 kg
Dimensions: 10-3/4” H X 9-5/8” W X 6-5/8” D / 277mm H X 244mm W X
168mm D
Warranty: 10 years entire dryer - See website for details
Cover material: Cast iron, ¼-inch (6mm) thick with porcelain enamel finish
Available colours: White, black, grey
Mode of locking cover: Tamper-proof screws
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